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During an afternoon hunt, I’d followed my customary practice and stashed my bike in some brush. With just a few minutes of daylight left, I saw a coyote approaching over my right shoulder, just trotting along at first. Suddenly it crossed the path that my bike’s doe-urine-anointed tires had rolled down as I rode in. Immediately picking up the olfactory cue, it crouched low to ground and began belly-crawling towards my bike, stopping to sniff each spot of deer scent left by the rubber. It stalked right up to the brushpile, and I believe that it fully expected to see a young doe bedded there.

Yes, these binoculars cost a small fortune, but apart from a good weapon, no piece of gear is more essential to hunting success than good optics. What makes these so good for bike-hunting is the built-in rangefinder, which calculates distance to 2,000 yards with a press of a button. Of course, the glass is as good as it gets, allowing me to spot elk and deer several miles away and see in the faintest light of dawn and dusk. You can get comparable optics for less than half the price from Maven (the B2s are every bit as sharp and clear as these), which is the way to go if you’re on a budget, but you’ll need a supplemental rangefinder. 

The 2×2 Rokon might be a worthy exception though. They look like they could pack a fair load, and the videos I’ve seen were quite amazing in where it could go. They will do some things that four wheelers would have a lot of difficulty with. Still, I think a four wheeler is a more practical rig for hunting.

Not that the concept is new or anything. The Coburn CG4, which offers a mountain bike specifically geared toward hunters and their equipment, came out in early 2013 and has had mixed interest and sales. It seemed that the hunters who were already riding mountain bikes and into fitness (not a whole lot of folks unfortunately) loved the concept.

After using a bike for this upcoming season, I should have a lot better feel for how these questions will be answered. At this point, I can see all kinds of applications for them in scouting, checking game cameras, plus getting to and from a treestand. The advantage of being able to get around much more quickly could be huge.

Ever call a electric hunting bicycles accessory company and ask for help designing a bracket to hold an AR-15 scabbard? Yeah, we know, weird question to ask, but luckily Happy Trail jumped at the challenge and fashioned a sturdy-as-hell bracket for
the Kolpin Gun Boot. Happy Trail also provided the dump truck-tough aluminum pannier, trunk, and body armor.

• Extra Battery Pack – Samsung 48V10.4Ah lithium-ion battery delivers up to 19 miles of travel on one charge without pedaling and even more by adding pedaling power. Features a built-in USB port for charging electronic devices.

Yes, the width would kill it quick!  There’s a video on U Tube or somwhere showing this thing climbing some pretty steep stuff and crawling over some pretty good logs and even fording a stream, though any deeper and the gyy would have got his butt wet!. 

The frame and fork receive a tough Realtree Xtra® camouflage finish and the components are anodized black and bead blasted to a no-glare finish. Multiple finish options include Realtree Xtra®, Realtree Max4®, Realtree AP Blaze® or Forest green.

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The bicycle itself has always been a tool for me, a way to access hard to reach places. I have been hunting by bike for as long as I can remember being able to hunt and the Ruffed Grouse is my favorite quarry. There is no better tasting thing in the world in my opinion. You might as well lump Grouse, Lobster and Walleye together the best things you can pluck from nature, pour butter on and consume.

With a range of 20+ miles, the Big Easy is positioned to put e-bikes on the map in the US where approximately 100,000 were sold in 2012. This figure lags behind sales in Europe where 1.1 million e-bikes were sold last year and in China, where approximately 27Million were sold in the same period! The Big Easy hits the fastest growing segments of the bicycle market – the electric category and fat tire category. With trends of electric car sales continuing to grow in the US as well as the use of bicycles for commuting in general, Defiant is positioned to take advantage of these macro trends with its introductory model – the Big Easy.

My grandpa used to ride an old honda trail 90 when we went hunting. He could carry a day pack but that’s it. We (my dad, brother and I) rode Big Reds so we had a way to get out with the meat. Otherwise, it isn’t really practical to use a bike unless its one of the rokon’s you guys mentioned.

Test rode the bike last night and its no joke. Good power for a electiric motor and nothing is gonna hear you coming.  No more sweating hauling my backpack and at 16-17mph on my way out of the stand I should be able to keep the skeeters off my back.

Of course, a bike simplifies pre-season scouting as well. One of my favorite deer-related activities is a last-minute “speed-scouting” venture undertaken about a week before the season starts. I quickly beat a path across the property, checking cameras, surveying acorn crops, and looking for bucks’ hoof prints at creek crossings. My feeling is that the less time I spend in the woods scouting, the less likely I’ll be to spook deer. Scouting by bike allows me to accomplish in a few hours what might take days to do on foot.

When turkey hunting odor is not an issue but for deer, predators, etc. using an electric bike would eliminate sweating, be quieter and reduce scent from boots verses walking. My walk ins are not bad but on public land the bike could get a hunter deeply in as well as reduce odor. However, In Arkansas I do not believe any motorized vehicle is allowed in our Ozark or Ouachita National Forests?

You could put your gun, your bow or even your fly rod in the scabbard and head out to your favorite spot without waking up the entire forest. It took a good amount of work and you needed to be in pretty good shape already if you were to have the stamina to ride through the mud and grass in your hunting outfit. 

CB4 is equipped with full range gearing, all-condition disc brakes and a wide handlebar for control even while loaded. The frame has attachment points for a rear rack and water or fuel bottle cages. The fork has additional attachment points to expand carrying capacity. We are also proud to say that the Cogburn CB4 is designed and assembled in the USA.

I was thinking about the closed roads, just to get to the campsite on those roads. I know it is “motorized”, it probably wouldn’t be allowed on the Ma Ha Dey trail either. The website for it is www.channelcatoutdoors.com  They are assembled in Grand Forks. They are spendy- $997.00 complete or $697.00 for the electric add-on to your mountain bike.

Before I started bowhunting, I had no idea of the joy that hunting unpressured deer brings. Only one other archer was in my hunting club, and those first few weeks before gun season started were truly wonderful.

The advantages of fat tire bikes are many. You can ride them over rough or muddy ground, even snow. They are geared for rough terrain and provide good traction and balance. They will ride right over small obstructions such as branches and rocks, obstacles that might trip up a normal mountain bike. These bikes are built to take the beating a hunter will dish out. [redirect url=’http://bestelectrichuntingbike.com//bump’ sec=’7′]