Recently electric fat-tire bikes have entered the realm of hunting.  The ATA show this year featured a few different national brands of these bikes being marketed specifically at the hunting community.  Sticking with my mantra of being hyper-local, I was able to get my hands on entry level Shooter-750 manufactured by a company called Huntin’ Wheelz based right here in Clare, Michigan.  This electric hunting bike’s specs equal or exceed the brands with the bigger marketing budgets but at a fraction of the cost.

From my perch 18 feet up in a sweetgum tree, I couldn’t even see my hunting vehicle, which was barely 40 yards away. I’d stashed the camouflaged bicycle in a brushpile, and it was hidden so well that I was beginning to worry that I might never find it again.

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I waited patiently as the doe worked its way closer, and when it got to within 20 yards, I placed my top pin just behind its shoulderblade and released my arrow. The broadhead found its mark, and a few minutes later, I was giving thanks for my first kill of the season.

Whether you’re a treestand hunter looking to quickly get to your stand in an unobtrusive manner, a western hunter trying to push deeper into the backcountry or an outdoorsman with disabilities wanting to keep your outdoor lifestyle, the QuietKat Electric Vehicle provides the answer to all your hunting transportation needs. Utilizing high-end mountain-bike components and fabricated machinery to deliver durability with minimal environmental impact, the design teams with a 48-volt lithium-ion-battery-operated direct-drive hub motor to facilitate a silent ride that tops out at 19 mph. Engineered with a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs., it’s able to pull an additional 250 lbs., ensuring you have an easy way to get your trophy back to camp once you’ve pulled the trigger. Travels up to 25 miles on a single charge so your hunt isn’t restricted by distance, and if you plan on hunting the backcountry, the battery compartment is large enough to carry an extra battery that doubles your effective distance to 50 miles. 8″ of ground clearance means you can take it almost anywhere, while 4″ off-road suspension keeps your ride as smooth as possible. Climbs grades up to 20° and has up to 15° of lean technology. Digital display lets you easily access vital information such as how much battery life is left, distance and speed. Knobby tread grips difficult terrain, while mudflaps block splatters. Easy-to-operate half twist throttle makes traveling at an exact speed a cinch, plus hydraulic disc brakes on both the front and rear tires offer the control you to navigate tricky hills. Handlebars and seat are adjustable to accommodate various-sized riders. Included gun/bow rack keeps your weapon handy and secure, plus a waterproof dry bag, handlebar bag and a pannier rack system offer ample storage options. Completely recharges an empty battery overnight with the included charger. Lifetime warranty against defective workmanship for the frame and rear suspension swing arm. All other components have a one-year warranty.

If you pack light a dirt bike can get you to good hunting areas. The problem is always packing the meat out. You can load them up, but they become pretty difficult to control with a lot of extra weight on them. I have some friends that have gone along with four wheelers, and used the bikes to spread out to other areas. I think they would have limited use as a hunting rig though. Besides that, I think riding a dirt bike takes more skill than putting through the outback on four wheels.

An alternative to toe-clips is the clipless pedal, which provides even more pedaling efficiency, as the sole of your shoe is actually connected to the pedal. It takes some practice stepping into and twisting out of this pedal, but to maximize your pedal power this is the way to go. There is a drawback to that efficiency.  Hunting boots aren’t adaptable to these pedals.  In other words, you’re packing your boots with you, plus you can’t just ditch that bike to chase down an elk without changing shoes first.  It would be best to try out both types of pedals and see which one best suits your hunting needs.

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This has to be considered the ultimate backcountry adventure GPS. The unit combines everything I’ve always liked about the eTrex series—a fairly small size, AA battery power so you’re never stranded in the wilderness, an easy bike mount—with a big color touchscreen that replaces the annoying miniature joystick. The software is reasonably intuitive, and the menus are easy to navigate. Maps come preloaded, though you’ll probably want something more detailed, like OnXMaps, if you’ll be spending much time in the wilderness.

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Most bike hunters I see don’t wear helmets. Always wear a helmet! Sooner or later, you’re probably going to crash.  A head injury behind a locked gate or on a trail can quickly become serious. I painted an old bike helmet with camo paint to eliminate the reflection and carry my cap in the panniers, changing it when I get off the bike.

The advantages of fat tire bikes are many. You can ride them over rough or muddy ground, even snow. They are geared for rough terrain and provide good traction and balance. They will ride right over small obstructions such as branches and rocks, obstacles that might trip up a normal mountain bike. These bikes are built to take the beating a hunter will dish out.

“As usual, I went with my mate Mike who took his quad with a trailer in, except this time I decided to go ahead on the Ubco to scope it out first. I knew the bike was pretty quiet, but I was still surprised when I literally bunted two sheep off the track right in front of me, they simply had no idea I was even there.”

Felt founder Jim Felt, an avid bow hunter, wanted to design a rig that could shlep gear far into the backcountry for multi-day hunting trips. His answer: the concept Bosch-powered Outfitter than can haul a trailer with up to 100 pounds of equipment. The trailer we saw at the show was a modified model from B.O.B., but Felt is apparently working on a design of its own for 2015.

A couple of issues I see with the use of the bikes: First of all, once I arrive at my treestand, I need to find a place to hide it so it doesn’t attract the attention of deer. Secondly, when I have a lot of gear to haul in and out, will the bike and trailer be able to handle it all? Will I be able to pull a deer out with the bike, or will it mean one more trip back and forth to my truck?

You dont need to trade your bike in if you have one you like already. I bought just the battery,motor,and controls from them for my wifes bike. Took about 10min to mount everything. It makes going for a bike ride with the wife alot more fun because we can go 10x farther and see new areas on our bike trails that my few extra pounds and bad knee limited me from.

These shoes are not cycling specific, nor do they have a mount for cleats. But flat pedals are the way to go for bike-hunting, so what you really need is a sturdy hiker with a rigid sole for more efficient pedaling. The Acrux2 is just the ticket, with stiffness that rivals most over-the-ankle hiking boots. The one-piece upper is bomber, with no seams and a rugged Vibram outsole that stood up to the volcanic scree fields of New Mexico’s high peaks. The shoe is built around a waterproof Gore liner that fits and functions more like the inner liner of a ski boot and can be removed at night. You can also swap it out for an insulated liner (sold separately) to add even more heat. These shoes are more technical than plain hikers, and that performance comes at a steep price.

The Defiant Bicycles Big Easy is a first of its kind: a hand-crafted, electric FAT bike that’s Made in the USA. The Defiant is the culmination of over two years of development and is the perfect choice for utility and recreation in virtually any setting.

Cogburn understands that there are people who use a bike as human-powered access to the backcountry to hunt and fish. It will be fun to see how other hunters use this machine and what innovations will be made to upcoming editions.

I bought an electric bike mainly for hunting purposes earlier this year. Due to the motor size of 750 watts, it is not considered a motorized vehicle like a motorcycle where I live in the Rocky Mountains. No idea what the regs are in other states. It is considered a bicycle and can therefore be used just about anywhere on public land. Great way to go when you are covering tens of thousands of acres. Going from a week to a day to cover one of the ranches I hunt.

In August we reported on the Cogburn CG4, a fat bike designed for hunters. The high-end bike ($2,199) has a scabbard for a gun, bow or fishing pole, 3.8-inch fat tires and a camouflage aluminum frame.

Partnering with the Walton Family Foundation, the IMBA says it is poised to launch its largest trail fund ever. Launching this spring, the Trail Accelerator grant program will award MTB development funds to communities deemed most in need.

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These four-way, stretch-woven polyester pants have become my go-to bottoms for hiking, climbing, camping, and most cool-weather backcountry endeavors. The fit is slim but not tight, and the built-in fast-clip belt makes these compatible with a backpack. The military-style cargo pockets make it easy to carry necessities like a rangefinder, knife, and hat and gloves, while the removable foam kneepads are an ingenious touch: I carried them in my pack until we had an animal down and I needed them for crawling around while I cleaned. The Optifade camo is excellent for our New Mexico high country, but I wish Sitka also made a plain brown so I could blend in better outside of hunting season.

Mountain bikes have occupied a small niche in bowhunting for many years, but they have never gone mainstream. These bikes are not made for hunting and therefore must be modified, and their use is limited to certain terrains. That said, the growth in popularity of fat tire bikes has been quite remarkable, and I suppose it was only a matter of time before they made a serious move at the hunting market.

I mentioned toe clips at the beginning. Toe clips are straps designed to provide more power pedaling uphill, allowing me to push forward and lift with one foot while the other is pushing down on each stroke. The key is to remember to pull the boot backward out of the clip before putting the foot down on the ground. It won’t come out sideways, and if you try, you’ll fall. Adding big pedals with serrations allow muddy boots to grab easily.  A modification to make getting in and out of the pedals easier is to leave the fabric strap that surrounds the boot off the toe clips.  You gain a good portion of the power but don’t have to worry about getting the boot out of the pedal.

Available now to North America, the ST1 e-bike can be found at Stromer dealers where it sells for around $3,500. If the asking price is a bit steep Stromer is currently promoting an ST1 giveaway for US residents, ending 17 May 2013.

I am just excited about the fact that this is the first thing I’ve ever bought for hunting that serves more than one purpose.Can ride it to work and my wife likes it because she thinks I’m gonna go for bike rides with her.

Although it is less (slightly) than a new ATV, it will be interesting to see if this idea catches on. I’m about 50/50 right now. The true test for me will be whether the electric assist motor will be enough to do the job and not leave me exhausted before I get to my spot. I’m going to see where I might get a chance to demo one. Stay tuned!

All the quality names and features don’t mean a thing if you can’t get to the store on the corner. The FatKat is built to go 20 miles without any pedal assistance at the highest power setting. Obviously, if you use a lower setting and use the pedal assistance, the miles you’d travel would be higher. It has a maximum speed of 19 mph. This speed is also based on the highest power setting. But not to worry, if you run out of battery, simply pedal like a normal bicycle until you get to a place to recharge or change out the battery.

i have 2 Rokon’s you can pack quite a bit but when front is loaded and wheel full of fuel ( my newer one carries 2.5 gallon in each wheel, older one i think 4.5gal) they are difficult to steer and they will really give you a work out. no where as easy and comfortable to drive as 4 wheelers. these are 2 wheel drive and will go lots of places others won’t…..but not fast. i also have the side car for my rokon. i had a Yamaha big wheel mid 80’s model 200cc, faster but only one drive wheel and would not do what the Rokon would. a friend has my old yamaha and might be interested in selling it if someone is interested. actually i have his old rokon that could be sold as well.

I was thinking about the closed roads, just to get to the campsite on those roads. I know it is “motorized”, it probably wouldn’t be allowed on the Ma Ha Dey trail either. The website for it is  They are assembled in Grand Forks. They are spendy- $997.00 complete or $697.00 for the electric add-on to your mountain bike.

Since Cogburn is marketing to hunters, who may be less inclined than pure cyclists to drop a lot of money on a bike, the company has kept the CB4’s price down with economical parts and manufacturing. The CB4 comes in just two sizes, so fit may be tough if you’re especially big or small. And the inexpensive parts, including alloy post, bars, and that cheap saddle, brought the weight to a hefty 33 pounds. Similarly, the Surly Nate tires on Rolling Daryl rims worked fine, but a wheelset that more easily converts to tubeless would have been a better choice. (After unsuccessfully wrestling with tubes and tape on the stock wheels, I switched to Bontrager Jackalopes.) [redirect url=’’ sec=’7′]