Sometimes you need an extra boost. Sometimes you have to get from point a to point b faster than normal. Sometimes you have to blast through a snow bank. Maybe you’re hauling a lot of hunting gear in the wilderness. Whatever your reason, the Big Easy’s 500 watt motor will give you that extra boost to get you where you need to go, no matter the situation.

Good hubs and tires will keep you moving, proper brakes will limit your run-ins with local flora. I like disc brakes, rather than calipers. They don’t take nearly the effort on steep downhills, adjust with a simple twist of a knob, don’t get hot and fade, and don’t make as much noise.

Defiant has produced its prototype and two new versions of the Big Easy. All suppliers and vendors have been identified and contracted with. 30 frames have been manufactured and inventoried. All of these frames are 19 in frames with a 61cm top tube. Based on the success of the Big Easy on Crowd Supply, we plan to add more frame size options. The released product has been developed and built in the US.

Three of the major players in the fat tire hunting bikes are Felt, Rambo and Cogburn. Each of these offers accessories that make the bike useful for hauling hunting gear. This includes racking, bow and gun holders, trailers, bags, lighting and fenders.

Recently electric fat-tire bikes have entered the realm of hunting.  The ATA show this year featured a few different national brands of these bikes being marketed specifically at the hunting community.  Sticking with my mantra of being hyper-local, I was able to get my hands on entry level Shooter-750 manufactured by a company called Huntin’ Wheelz based right here in Clare, Michigan.  This electric hunting bike’s specs equal or exceed the brands with the bigger marketing budgets but at a fraction of the cost.

“Defiant is a state of being – a way of life. It is about breaking from the past, blazing a new trail, and redefining boundaries. Be active, get involved, lead the way – status quo be damned. Be Defiant!”

If you are concerned about the speed and power of an electric bike, pay attention to the motor size. Electric motor size is measured in watts and usually ranges between 250 and 750. When deciding on the appropriate amount of wattage, think about factors like the weight of the rider and the desired speed and terrain for the bike. If your child will mostly be on a flat surface, lower wattage should suffice; if they are planning to ride up and down hills, look for a bike with a larger motor.

If you’re looking for a low-impact way to hunt, using a mountain bike will serve that purpose very well. It’s quiet, quick, versatile and just plain fun. If you’ve never tried it before, you owe it to yourself to pull that bike off those hooks in the garage, trick it out and hit the woods with it.

“When I reached the first lookout, I looked across the valley and saw four Red Deer, so I jumped off the bike and stalked them to another ridge when they disappeared, but then I looked to my right and saw 7 reds who were even closer. Probably half the distance. I couldn’t believe it.”

The predator-afflicted can make stands for miles across the desert without the need of firing up a noisy vehicle. There is little doubt that e-bikes are vehicles of many applications, and they cost a fraction of their electric-powered counterparts.

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“It’s not an AG100, but it’s actually quite capable on the hills for what I need. In a lot of the places I go hunting, there’s dead ground to cover, sometimes up to 4km of walking, so I decided to treat myself seeing as I was turning 50. That’s my excuse anyway.”

You could put your gun, your bow or even your fly rod in the scabbard and head out to your favorite spot without waking up the entire forest. It took a good amount of work and you needed to be in pretty good shape already if you were to have the stamina to ride through the mud and grass in your hunting outfit. 

You dont need to trade your bike in if you have one you like already. I bought just the battery,motor,and controls from them for my wifes bike. Took about 10min to mount everything. It makes going for a bike ride with the wife alot more fun because we can go 10x farther and see new areas on our bike trails that my few extra pounds and bad knee limited me from.

Suddenly, movement to my left broke my concentration. A patch of brown was moving through the trees, leisurely working its way towards me. Within a few minutes, a mature doe had closed the gap between us to within 30 yards of my stand.

Cyclists have always been keen on the latest technological advancements for their trusty pedal-powered steeds. From adopting carbon fiber early on, to more recent integrations of electronic shifting, cycle-tech continues to advance. Some recent high…

Bikes these days come with both front and rear suspension. I opt for only the front, as the “hard tail” allows me to attach a luggage rack to the rear seat post and clamp to the lower frame. I snap on a set of panniers that hold my hunting gear—extra clothes, knives, saw, rope, food, space blanket, etc.  I still carry a backpack, but heavy items go into the panniers to latest electric hunting bike evenly distribute the weight. The panniers also double as a place to carry a couple of quarters.  I added a good seat post that flexes up and down, and an orthopedic-designed seat to make the ride a little more comfortable.

I e-mailed the Forest Service this afternoon for a clarification. I was told by a friend that the motor would have to be 1/2 hp. or bigger to be classified as “motorized”, this thing is around a 1/3hp.

What you spend on binos you can make up for with this riflescope, built by a small outfit in Wyoming that’s producing high-quality glass at bargain basement prices. The optics are as good as Swarovski, Leica, and other high-end brands. And thanks to an innovative reticle, with precise increments for measurement of drop and windage, there’s no need to turn or adjust dials in the field. That’s especially important for hunting from a bike—I’ve seen the jarring from riding trails with a gun cause inadvertent dial changes. 

Here are two more advantages I see: One is the reduction in scent impact when travelling in my hunting area. My boots are not touching the ground, and I will be moving faster, leaving less signs of my intrusion that might alarm deer. Secondly, I ride a bike quite a bit on trails through wooded areas near my home, and I see that deer react much differently to a person on a bike than they do to a person on foot. They don’t see a person sitting on a pair of wheels as nearly the threat that they perceive a person walking. I’m not sure how much that will be an advantage, but spooking deer while scouting and travelling to and from a hunting location could be reduced.

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“As usual, I went with my mate Mike who took his quad with a trailer in, except this time I decided to go ahead on the Ubco to scope it out first. I knew the bike was pretty quiet, but I was still surprised when I literally bunted two sheep off the track right in front of me, they simply had no idea I was even there.”

• Aluminum Hand Cart – Attaches easily and offers smooth movement over rough terrain. Easily hauls gear, camping equipment, treestands or your trophy out of the backwoods. Made of extremely durable 6061 aluminum alloy. When not hunting, it’s also an excellent tool for moving firewood or bulky items thanks to a handle grab that allows you to use it with or without a Rambo bike. Requires XL Luggage Rack for installation and proper use. Wt. capacity: 300 lbs. Wt: 25 lbs.

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These four-way, stretch-woven polyester pants have become my go-to bottoms for hiking, climbing, camping, and most cool-weather backcountry endeavors. The fit is slim but not tight, and the built-in fast-clip belt makes these compatible with a backpack. The military-style cargo pockets make it easy to carry necessities like a rangefinder, knife, and hat and gloves, while the removable foam kneepads are an ingenious touch: I carried them in my pack until we had an animal down and I needed them for crawling around while I cleaned. The Optifade camo is excellent for our New Mexico high country, but I wish Sitka also made a plain brown so I could blend in better outside of hunting season.

The “Outfitter” is an electric assist, fully accessorized, super cool hunting and fishing rig. It uses the same dependable Bosch e-bike system that Felt has been using on its other electric assist bikes but has a beefed up aluminum frame, high end components, camouflage paint and of course, fat tires to get you through the snow and muck. All the cables are stored in the frame which is nice if you’re going through the brambles. Tipping the scales at 53 pounds, this thing is not light, especially when you add all the accessories.

Johnson hunts on-the-go with the bike along remote forest trails. We must note that we do not recommend riding with a loaded gun. We also urge readers to check local and state regulations first if they decide to pedal into the forest in pursuit of game.

An unpressured deer is a different animal: It moves around throughout the day, relaxed and casual in its movements. It strolls into open areas during daylight without even considering that it might need to look up into trees to check for humans.

An alternative to toe-clips is the clipless pedal, which provides even more pedaling efficiency, as the sole of your shoe is actually connected to the pedal. It takes some practice stepping into and twisting out of this pedal, but to maximize your pedal power this is the way to go. There is a drawback to that efficiency.  Hunting boots aren’t adaptable to these pedals.  In other words, you’re packing your boots with you, plus you can’t just ditch that bike to chase down an elk without changing shoes first.  It would be best to try out both types of pedals and see which one best suits your hunting needs. [redirect url=’’ sec=’7′]