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Month: January 2018

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The inspiration for the Defiant came from company founder Kevin Spreng’s frustration at the lack of appropriate winter bikes. An attorney and committed bike commuter from the Twin Cities, Kevin wanted a bike that he could ride to work and for fun year round, through the harshest Minnesota winters. There simply wasn’t anything on the market capable of getting him through the snow and slush that made riding a challenge for as many as 6 months a year in Minnesota. While the Outfitter was intended for hunters, we think it will suit anyone who wants to bring lots of gear into the woods under their own power—with some help from that Bosch eDrive. Several photographers remarked that the set-up is ideal for lugging professional camera equipment in for a shoot, says Felt Sales Manger IanMcCabe. And you can always carry beer. One hundred pounds of beer.  Cogburn understands that there are people who use a bike as human-powered access to the backcountry to hunt and fish. It will be fun to see how other hunters use this machine and what innovations will be made to upcoming editions. Cyclists have always been keen on the latest technological advancements for their trusty pedal-powered steeds. From adopting carbon fiber early on, to more recent integrations of electronic shifting, cycle-tech continues to advance. Some recent high… My father hunted lots in Montana off his Trail-Breaker now called the Rokon. It will...

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Note: We do not accept returns on QuietKat vehicles. If your vehicle needs repair, take it to an authorized service center for repairs under manufacturer warranty guideline. QuietKat® includes a lifetime warranty against defective workmanship for the frame and a one-year warranty on all other components. If you need help finding a service center, please contact QuietKat Customer Care at 970-328-2399. There is no better base layer than lightweight merino, and Icebreaker’s version is one of the softest, most durable around. Unlike synthetics, the wool repelled body odors even after a week in the backcountry. And while I considered using a comparable Icebreaker top in black, the camouflage was welcome when the days heated up and I was forced to hunt in just this top. My father hunted lots in Montana off his Trail-Breaker now called the Rokon. It will go places no 4-Wheeler will even be able to (2 wheel drive, and unstopable) you can even float them if need be. Also a rough ride and a heavy bike when loaded down. You could put your gun, your bow or even your fly rod in the scabbard and head out to your favorite spot without waking up the entire forest. It took a good amount of work and you needed to be in pretty good shape already if you were to have the stamina to ride through the mud and grass in...

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Kelly Pouwhare lives on a lifestyle block in Poraiti outside of Napier in New Zealand. A keen outdoorsman, Kelly hunts for venison and was searching for a side-by-side for his lifestyle block when he first discovered the Ubco bike. The seat of any bike has to be comfortable. For this necessary piece, QuietKat® turned to the silent giant, Velo®. Velo® makes nearly 100% of every enthusiast-level saddle sold. This saddle provides exceptional comfort with Velo’s patented double-density technology and Arctech base design. They also add a high-density foam to support the rider’s weight. So no matter where you ride, you’ll always have unsurpassed comfort. bsj452, I never intended this to be a 1 ton truck. At the end on the the day its still a bike and I know that. The nice part of it is I can run 10x farther that I could ever walk or pedal on a normal bike and not be spent. Creating the best balance between aggressive off road knobbies and street tires, the Dunlop D606 is designed for the Dual Sport rider who wants the best of both worlds. The D606 is inspired by motocross patterns, but built with a rubber compound designed to last both on road and off. Here are two more advantages I see: One is the reduction in scent impact when travelling in my hunting area. My boots are...

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Admittedly, ATVs outperform bikes when it comes to one critical task: getting a deer out of the woods. Sorry, folks, but I’ve tried it all — plastic sleds, bike trailers, you name it — and there’s just no good way to lug dead weight with a bike. A new wave of companies in the U.S. rents these rugged campers (and some cool vintage vans, too). From modified vans to standalone adventure rigs to 4x4s, these rides will get you into the wilds in style. Partnering with the Walton Family Foundation, the IMBA says it is poised to launch its largest trail fund ever. Launching this spring, the Trail Accelerator grant program will award MTB development funds to communities deemed most in need. Pretty much any fat bike works for hunting, but the alloy CB4 is made for it, with a low bottom bracket for stability, a raked-out fork and front end that keep handling slow and predictable, and very small gearing (22 up front, 36 out back) to facilitate hauling. The very low top tube and high front end keep the bike easy to ride with a load. Cogburn is a sister brand to Salsa and Surly, meaning the company has plenty of experience with fat bikes, which shows in the smart detailing, including simple and reliable mechanical disc brakes, full-length cable housings to keep out the elements, and three sets of water bottle...

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