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Month: October 2017

“mountain bike gun rack +battery powered hunting vehicles”

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of riding a bike hunting. It’s faster than walking, faster than a horse on flat or downhill grades, and you don’t have to feed it or take care of it between hunting seasons. You get there quietly. You can take more with you. You can use it as a game carrier. And electric hunting bike get some really good exercise. And it’s good fun. Hunters who want to avoid being patterned often park their vehicles a distance from their stands and take a long walk in, but unless you’re Ishi — and who among us wants to walk through the winter woods barefoot? — that’s a slow, noisy process. There’s no mistaking the sound of a human’s footsteps crunching through the leaves and snapping twigs along the way. • Camo Accessory Bag – Holds gear and adds storage options. Conveniently fastens over the back wheel. Waterproof and durable construction stands up to the elements. Requires XL Luggage Rack for installation and proper use. Imported. Camo pattern: DZX™. These shoes are not cycling specific, nor do they have a mount for cleats. But flat pedals are the way to go for bike-hunting, so what you really need is a sturdy hiker with a rigid sole for more efficient pedaling. The Acrux2 is just the ticket, with stiffness that rivals most over-the-ankle hiking boots. The one-piece...

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“mountain bikes for hunting |3 wheel electric hunting vehicle”

Record all of your adventures on the trail as well as on the hunt with the HD camera from Epic. This camera boasts 1920x1080p HD digital video with audio and a variety of mounting options, making it as easy to secure to your motorcycle as it is to a firearm. This compact unit also captures great still images for after the hunt. • Aluminum Hand Cart – Attaches easily and offers smooth movement over rough terrain. Easily hauls gear, camping equipment, treestands or your trophy out of the backwoods. Made of extremely durable 6061 aluminum alloy. When not hunting, it’s also an excellent tool for moving firewood or bulky items thanks to a handle grab that allows you to use it with or without a Rambo bike. Requires XL Luggage Rack for installation and proper use. Wt. capacity: 300 lbs. Wt: 25 lbs. Extend the range of nearly any motorcycle with a larger tank. We replaced the stock tank with the larger 6.6-gallon version from IMS—the same as used on the Military M1030 motorcycle. To keep the military feel and functionality all the way around, also selected IMS shifter and foot pegs. This is the CB4. CB4 is a fatbike, a human powered all-terrain vehicle built to take hunters and anglers far into the backcountry quickly and quietly. Its massive 3.8”-wide tires run at very low pressure to provide...

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