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Month: July 2017

“electric mountain bike hunting _how to build an electric bike”

As a means of making our Defiant more versatile than ever, we equipped it with a 500 watt electric motor. This allows you to carry more with you on a long commute, adventurous tour, or hunting expedition in all conditions. The electric assist also means that your bike has become more utilitarian than ever. Single-occupant trips by car become less necessary, which will save you money in the long run all the while allowing you to burn calories you wouldn’t if you made small trips by car. Some of you may remember an article I wrote in the early 2000’s about utilizing mountain bikes as a tool for hunting.  While the bikes were a great tool for eliminating scent and going quietly into the woods, they did have their drawbacks.  Under pedal power, I found I often arrived at my stand sweaty which was less than ideal. Even though mountain bikes were made for off road adventures, I often found that their tires were less than adequate for coping with fallen branches, rocks, and the like often found while hunting. Glide through traffic without spewing any fumes, thanks to the plethora of e-wheels that are becoming available—though laws around the world are huffing and puffing to keep up. Below are new iterations of two-wheeled personal vehicles that are changing… Don't toss those those dead rechargeables out of your mobile phone, camcorder...

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“electric bikes +all terrain bicycles”

The inspiration for the Defiant came from company founder Kevin Spreng’s frustration at the lack of appropriate winter bikes. An attorney and committed bike commuter from the Twin Cities, Kevin wanted a bike that he could ride to work and for fun year round, through the harshest Minnesota winters. There simply wasn’t anything on the market capable of getting him through the snow and slush that made riding a challenge for as many as 6 months a year in Minnesota. Now, there are hunters who’ve been using bikes for decades, but the rise of the fat bike—effectively a human-powered ATV—is making the practice easier. The broad tire contact patch and low gearing enable these rigs to crawl over loose, rugged, unconsolidated land and let riders go deep into the backcountry in half the time or less than it would take to walk. Even in places where ATVs are allowed, bikes have the advantage of silence. An “unthinkable” tragedy: Two people die in tree well accidents at Oregon’s Mt. Bachelor ski area. Officials called the powder ‘fluffy’ and ‘easy to ski.’ It brought to the ski resort over the weekend. But those conditions also belied a very real danger: tree wells NOTES FOR VISITORS: Welcome to the Alaska Outdoors Supersite forums! The contents of our forums are viewable by anyone, and may be read by clicking the forum headings below. To post in the forums, you...

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“electric off road trike +bow rack for mountain bike”

Weighing in at under 27 pounds, the new EP0 Ultralightweight Electric Bicycle (up on Kickstarter now) from Maxwell Motorbikes aims to aid in daily commutes and adventurous bike excursions. Not only is it one of the lightest electric bikes on the… At the other end of the spectrum, a bike can be used purposely to lay down a scent trail. Try pouring your favorite estrous-doe urine into a small pump-spray bottle and spraying it onto a small spot on a tire. Every time that tire goes around it leaves an olfactory footprint just like a hot doe’s. The MSR Advance Pro 2 is lightweight, has a small footprint, bomber construction, and a single climber can pitch it standing in one spot. We review this highly desirable tent for the hardcore alpinist or mountaineer. The following is an overview of the ShippingPass Pilot subscription service. You should review the Terms & Conditions for a more detailed description as well as service limitations prior to signing up for ShippingPass. These lists, updated hourly, contain bestselling items. Here you can discover the best Adult Electric Bicycles in Amazon Best Sellers, and find the top 100 most popular Amazon Adult Electric Bicycles. Of course, a bike simplifies pre-season scouting as well. One of my favorite deer-related activities is a last-minute “speed-scouting” venture undertaken about a week before the season starts. I quickly beat...

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“electric fat tire mountain bike _hunting bike”

Although it is less (slightly) than a new ATV, it will be interesting to see if this idea catches on. I’m about 50/50 right now. The true test for me will be whether the electric assist motor will be enough to do the job and not leave me exhausted before I get to my spot. I’m going to see where I might get a chance to demo one. Stay tuned! Defiant has produced its prototype and two new versions of the Big Easy. All suppliers and vendors have been identified and contracted with. 30 frames have been manufactured and inventoried. All of these frames are 19 in frames with a 61cm top tube. Based on the success of the Big Easy on Crowd Supply, we plan to add more frame size options. The released product has been developed and built in the US. This review is for the Rambo R750 Power Bike. It may be the greatest thing to happen to bicycles, since the invention of the seat. It has become the favorite bike to ride by everyone in the family. It is a ¿grin from ear-to-ear¿ riding experience. My wife is approaching 60, is five-foot, and weights ¿ well she won¿t tell me ¿ let¿s just say she is heavy but not obese. Her girlfriends are all about the same age but thin and athletic. My wife is...

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