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Month: March 2017

“e fat bike |off road electric scooter”

i have 2 Rokon’s you can pack quite a bit but when front is loaded and wheel full of fuel ( my newer one carries 2.5 gallon in each wheel, older one i think 4.5gal) they are difficult to steer and they will really give you a work out. no where as easy and comfortable to drive as 4 wheelers. these are 2 wheel drive and will go lots of places others won’t…..but not fast. i also have the side car for my rokon. i had a Yamaha big wheel mid 80’s model 200cc, faster but only one drive wheel and would not do what the Rokon would. a friend has my old yamaha and might be interested in selling it if someone is interested. actually i have his old rokon that could be sold as well. • Gun/Bow Holder – Universal gun/bow-holder mount transforms the Rambo Bikes Electric Vehicle into a true travel tool for hunters. Made of lightweight yet durable 6061 aluminum alloy, it securely holds any firearm, bow or crossbow for hands-free and safe travel. Requires XL Luggage Rack for installation and proper use. Record all of your adventures on the trail as well as on the hunt with the HD camera from Epic. This camera boasts 1920x1080p HD digital video with audio and a variety of mounting options, making it as easy to secure to your...

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“how to make a bike _three wheeled hunting scooter”

The meld of biking and hunting is interesting to us and perhaps timely. Ostensibly, the Cogburn bike is an alternative to an ATV. There’s a movement of a younger demographic of hunters that may find a non-motorized option appealing. Cyclists have always been keen on the latest technological advancements for their trusty pedal-powered steeds. From adopting carbon fiber early on, to more recent integrations of electronic shifting, cycle-tech continues to advance. Some recent high… QuietKat® turned to Kenda for the wheels. Known for BMX and racing tires, Kenda responded with the Juggernaut. This was their first experience with fat tires. They decided to look at their fattest off-road tires…motorcycles. Gathering inspiration from the championship winning Millville 2 tires, Juggernaut tires grip in any environment and have multiple sizes of tread height which optimizes its maximum performance. Talk about an unstoppable force. Don't toss those those dead rechargeables out of your mobile phone, camcorder or camera—they can be recycled. In fact, they're toxic, the industry wants them back and is providing thousands of recycle bins in the U.S. and Canada to make… Bikes can be surprisingly stealthy contraptions. One day a couple of years ago, I was riding back to my truck after a morning hunt. As I got within sight of the vehicle, I saw that my hunting buddy had made it back before me. Although I wasn’t trying...

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