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Month: February 2017

“e fat bike _bow rack for mountain bike”

QuietKat® turned to Kenda for the wheels. Known for BMX and racing tires, Kenda responded with the Juggernaut. This was their first experience with fat tires. They decided to look at their fattest off-road tires…motorcycles. Gathering inspiration from the championship winning Millville 2 tires, Juggernaut tires grip in any environment and have multiple sizes of tread height which optimizes its maximum performance. Talk about an unstoppable force. Looking for a summer adventure? How about staying in a fire tower. – You’ll find epic views and fun times in these high up cabins. Our reporter writes, “Touring the Montana fire towers was a trip I won’t soon forget.” – Get all the details here: ☝️link in profile That thing is pretty slick Bobkat. I wonder how much effort it takes with the 4 wheels on the ground instead of 2. The width of it would be the only thing that limits it some I go in through some pretty tight cattle trails on some areas. The Benchmade Bugout is a useful, versatile folding knife that weighs less than two ounces. We put this ultralight folding knife to the test for this review. From the Benchmade Bugout’s excellent action to its effortless carry and cutting ability, it’s been hard to kick out of the pocket. Of course, a bike simplifies pre-season scouting as well. One of my favorite deer-related activities...

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“electric mountain bike hunting +hunter scooter”

The 2×2 Rokon might be a worthy exception though. They look like they could pack a fair load, and the videos I’ve seen were quite amazing in where it could go. They will do some things that four wheelers would have a lot of difficulty with. Still, I think a four wheeler is a more practical rig for hunting. Admittedly, ATVs outperform bikes when it comes to one critical task: getting a deer out of the woods. Sorry, folks, but I’ve tried it all — plastic sleds, bike trailers, you name it — and there’s just no good way to lug dead weight with a bike. TIG-welded attachment points on the frame’s rear end allow the addition of a rack. Carrying your gear on the bike results in greater agility and less fatigue in your back and feet for longer hours in the field. The scabbard is built as a transport for guns and bows and not for quick removal and hunting while under way. The actual rubber mounts for the guns are geared toward sleek weapons and not a short stubby shotgun and I have had to improvise the upper attachment. I was thinking about the closed roads, just to get to the campsite on those roads. I know it is “motorized”, it probably wouldn’t be allowed on the Ma Ha Dey trail either. The website for it...

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“electric hunting scooter |hunter scooter”

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of riding a bike hunting. It’s faster than walking, faster than a horse on flat or downhill grades, and you don’t have to feed it or take care of it between hunting seasons. You get there quietly. You can take more with you. You can use it as a game carrier. And you get some really good exercise. And it’s good fun. Founded in 1999, started as a collection of links to Michigan related sites, and a series of manually edited blogs. It was a marriage of my passions for the outdoors and the internet. In late 1999 we started our first message board. After going through 3 different message board softwares, we settled on one in late 2000. Photo galleries, classifieds, product reviews were added in later years. It was a social network before the term was coined. Users have self organized get togethers and many are have formed long lived friendships with others who share the same interests in the outdoors through the site. Thanks for your patronage – Steve I bought this bike with intended use on my hunting farms. I’ve ridden it now off road several times, and to say I’m blown away, is an understatement. This bike simply blew me away on all fronts. The motor is super strong and pulls me around great. I’m 6’2 210...

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“electric fat bike for sale -hunter scooter”

I bought an electric bike mainly for hunting purposes earlier this year. Due to the motor size of 750 watts, it is not considered a motorized vehicle like a motorcycle where I live in the Rocky Mountains. No idea what the regs are in other states. It is considered a bicycle and can therefore be used just about anywhere on public land. Great way to go when you are covering tens of thousands of acres. Going from a week to a day to cover one of the ranches I hunt. The “Outfitter” is an electric assist, fully accessorized, super cool hunting and fishing rig. It uses the same dependable Bosch e-bike system that Felt has been using on its other electric assist bikes but has a beefed up aluminum frame, high end components, camouflage paint and of course, fat tires to get you through the snow and muck. All the cables are stored in the frame which is nice if you’re going through the brambles. Tipping the scales at 53 pounds, this thing is not light, especially when you add all the accessories. Test rode the bike last night and its no joke. Good power for a electiric motor and nothing is gonna hear you coming.  No more sweating hauling my backpack and at 16-17mph on my way out of the stand I should be able to keep the skeeters...

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