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Month: October 2016

“electric fat tire mountain bike |hunter bikes for sale”

At the same bike shop I also found a cargo rack that mounted over the rear tire. Next came a homemade bow rack consisting of a piece of aluminum tubing, purchased at a hardware store and a set of bow/gun holders designed to mount on an ATV rack or handlebars. To make the bow rack I attached the piece of aluminum tubing crossways at the farthest rearward portion of the cargo rack, using nuts and bolts, and then mounted the ATV bow/gun holder to that. It worked like a charm, and I was soon making it silently to my stand in a third of the time that it’d have taken me to walk. The first order of business: Lose all the shine. After removing all the decals, I lightly sanded the finish and wiped the bike down thoroughly with acetone; then, every surface from which light could reflect was covered with olive-drab spray paint. My ride looked cooler already. Scouting, and especially tending to game cameras used for scouting during the summer is a great use for a fat tire e-bike.  The video shows just how scent free you can remain riding one of these.  You could even do better by wearing gloves 🙂  My father hunted lots in Montana off his Trail-Breaker now called the Rokon. It will go places no 4-Wheeler will even be able to (2...

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“bike outfitters +off road tricycle”

My father hunted lots in Montana off his Trail-Breaker now called the Rokon. It will go places no 4-Wheeler will even be able to (2 wheel drive, and unstopable) you can even float them if need be. Also a rough ride and a heavy bike when loaded down. Then it stopped abruptly to peer intently at something through the woods, head bobbing up and down as it strained to make sense of the object of curiosity — and I saw that my bike was actually much closer than I had realized, less than 10 yards from the matriarch. The animal finally seemed satisfied that the inanimate object was no threat and resumed feeding on white oak acorns. The next step: Accessorize the bike for hunting. My primary goal was to customize a bike that I could use to carry my bow and, perhaps, a small pack into the woods. (The design I eventually came up with works for rifle hunters, too.) Yes, the width would kill it quick!  There’s a video on Tube or somwhere showing this thing climbing some pretty steep stuff and crawling over some pretty good logs and even fording a stream, though any deeper and the gyy would have got his butt wet!.  But it didn’t happen without some trial and error. My first design flaw became apparent when I tried to carry a...

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“electric hunting trike +electric fat bike for sale”

Before I started bowhunting, I had no idea of the joy that hunting unpressured deer brings. Only one other archer was in my hunting club, and those first few weeks before gun season started were truly wonderful. Whether you’re going over the next ridge to check for elk, or to the corner store for milk, the QuietKat® FatKat gets you there faster. There’s no gas or exhaust smell to aggravate your nose or the nose of the game you’re tracking, thanks to the lithium-ion battery power pack. The electronic motor is also infinitely quieter than a combustible engine. Removing the smell and noise lets you forget you’re receiving pedal assistance. Plus, you’ll cover a greater amount of ground than you could’ve by simply walking. My first idea was to devise a means of carrying the bow across the handlebars somehow, but they were too narrow, and the handbrakes were in the way, so that proved impractical. The handlebars would have to serve another purpose. A visit to a local bike shop produced a large handlebar-mounted basket; perfect for carrying my backpack or other bulky items, it removes easily when not needed. A fanny pack fastened to the handlebars is another good option for carrying smaller items. “On my last trip to the Kaweka’s, I’ve never seen so many hares. I must have seen 90 or more, simply because I...

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“3 wheeled electric hunting scooter -bikes for hunting”

Mountain Bikes are an incredible (but underutilized) tool for hunters, and when you add some electricity to them they are even better (way, way better). Aside from Western hunting, they can pull double-duty getting deer hunters into treestands scent and sound free. Turkey hunters can forget “run-and-gun techniques” covering way more miles “pedaling and gunning.” Whether you’re a treestand hunter looking to quickly get to your stand in an unobtrusive manner, a western hunter trying to push deeper into the backcountry or an outdoorsman with disabilities wanting to keep your outdoor lifestyle, the QuietKat Electric Vehicle provides the answer to all your hunting transportation needs. Utilizing high-end mountain-bike components and fabricated machinery to deliver durability with minimal environmental impact, the design teams with a 48-volt lithium-ion-battery-operated direct-drive hub motor to facilitate a silent ride that tops out at 19 mph. Engineered with a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs., it’s able to pull an additional 250 lbs., ensuring you have an easy way to get your trophy back to camp once you’ve pulled the trigger. Travels up to 25 miles on a single charge so your hunt isn’t restricted by distance, and if you plan on hunting the backcountry, the battery compartment is large enough to carry an extra battery that doubles your effective distance to 50 miles. 8″ of ground clearance means you can take it almost...

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“fastest electric bike how to make a bike”

Presented at Eurobike 2010 (where it took home a Gold Award for innovation), the Schwinn Vestige is finally hitting the mainstream market, selling in stores across the U.S. toward the end of July 2011. The biodegradable bike is made from recyclable… Electric bikes are fabulous for off road riding.  I have an electric bike business in Oregon and we have sold several bikes to hunters and even lightweight folders for fisherman.  There are certain bikes that definitely will perform better than others off road.  Look for a higher voltage motor (36-48 volts) and a wide profile tire.   This has to be considered the ultimate backcountry adventure GPS. The unit combines everything I’ve always liked about the eTrex series—a fairly small size, AA battery power so you’re never stranded in the wilderness, an easy bike mount—with a big color touchscreen that replaces the annoying miniature joystick. The software is reasonably intuitive, and the menus are easy to navigate. Maps come preloaded, though you’ll probably want something more detailed, like OnXMaps, if you’ll be spending much time in the wilderness. Creating the best balance between aggressive off road knobbies and street tires, the Dunlop D606 is designed for the Dual Sport rider who wants the best of both worlds. The D606 is inspired by motocross patterns, but built with a rubber compound designed to last both on road and off. A new wave of...

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