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Month: April 2016

“fat tire bike for hunting -bike outfitters”

Scouting, and especially tending to game cameras used for scouting during the summer is a great use for a fat tire e-bike.  The video shows just how scent free you can remain riding one of these.  You could even do better by wearing gloves 🙂  Built for backcountry snowboarders, the 2018/2019 Vans Verse Snowboard Boot combines the latest in fit technology, moisture management, waterproofing, and venting for long tours and downhill sessions. And then, just as I was loading up my Yamaha Kodiak for another trip, thinking of how much fuel I had and when the last time I serviced the air filter was, I got an email from my cousin in Minnesota. He had found the Holy Grail! It was a fat bike for hunters that had an electric assisted motor called the Felt Outfitter. I ran back inside to my computer to check it out. The frame’s lowered top tube maximizes stand over clearance and rider comfort, making it easy to mount and dismount. The frame is engineered to ensure an efficient, responsive ride and stable handling, even at low speed. Another of the bike’s virtues: It’s basically devoid of petroleum aromas and other smells associated with internal-combustion vehicles: no gas, oil, coolant or transmission fluid to leave scent trails through the woods. Think of the bike’s tires as rolling rubber hunting boots: If your bike does...

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“camo mountain bike tires -electric off road trike”

But with a price tag of $2,199, the Cogburn will be a stiff sell for many hunters. Its wide tires will roll over logs and float through mud and sand. Dragging a deer or elk out after the hunt … that’s another scenario altogether. I e-mailed the Forest Service this afternoon for a clarification. I was told by a friend that the motor would have to be 1/2 hp. or bigger to be classified as “motorized”, this thing is around a 1/3hp. Yes, the width would kill it quick!  There’s a video on U Tube or somwhere showing this thing climbing some pretty steep stuff and crawling over some pretty good logs and even fording a stream, though any deeper and the gyy would have got his butt wet!.  Test rode the bike last night and its no joke. Good power for a electiric motor and nothing is gonna hear you coming.  No more sweating hauling my backpack and at 16-17mph on my way out of the stand I should be able to keep the skeeters off my back. I received my ALL TERRAIN 750 right before my month long Colorado archery deer and elk hunt. I was able to quietly get in to places in 15 minutes that used to take me over an hour to hike in! If you are a serious hunter that wants to get away...

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“hunting bicycle accessories -hunter electric bikes”

The scabbard is both awesome and frustrating. Forever I have been just slinging the 12 gauge over my back. The first time I put the gun on the scabbard was freeing. It felt so good to get that blasted thing off my back and on the bike. Every piece of gear I’ve tried from Kuiu, including its tent and sleeping bag, performed as well if not better than my standby gear from the outdoor industry. For active hunters, the company’s binocular harness design is indispensable. Unlike most bino bras that use elastic, the fabric and webbing setup here kept my optics from bouncing around, even when I was riding fast or running hard.  I have tried all manner of bikes in the woods and this fat bike is the best. It’s quiet, forgiving on rough terrain and its stable. Some might call fat bikes a fad or gimmick but I think they’re wrong. I moved to a Pugsley for hunting years ago from a hard tailed mountain bike because it was just plain more fun. The 3G Stepper is a cross between a bicycle and a StairMaster; it rides like a bicycle but is propelled by a vertical motion with your feet on two decks on either side of the frame. You stand up while riding, and your upper body gets as good a workout… I am just excited about the...

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“biker fish +all terrain bicycle”

eBay determines trending price through a machine learned model of the product’s sale prices within the last 90 days. “New” refers to a brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item, and “Used” refers to an item that has been used previously. The frame is made of high quality heat-treated, double-butted A6N-6000AL tubing. Superior design and workmanship result in a high quality bike that is light, strong and responsive so you can go everywhere your hunts takes you. But my rationale for going cheap was that I knew from the onset of this project that my bike would be used for one purpose only: hunting. General abuse — crossing creeks and being tossed over barbed-wire fences, hidden in brushpiles and left outside for months at a time — was going to be the rule for this bike; it wouldn’t hang by hooks in the garage for very long. Just test drove one of the slickest bikes to hit the market. Front wheel drive electric that can be pedaled like a normal bike. I am wondering when they do shut the roads down in the grasslands if this wouldn’t work to get where you wanted to set up camp. A buddy of mine took it through a harvested bean field to get to his stand and back last night and it worked great. These four-way, stretch-woven polyester pants have become my go-to bottoms...

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