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Month: March 2016

“electric bike |best bike trailer for hunting”

Mountain Bikes are an incredible (but underutilized) tool for hunters, and when you add some electricity to them they are even better (way, way better). Aside from Western hunting, they can pull double-duty getting deer hunters into treestands scent and sound free. Turkey hunters can forget “run-and-gun techniques” covering way more miles “pedaling and gunning.” The Canadian government announced national parks will now be free for people 18 years old and younger. The move is part of Canada’s 2018 federal budget, and follows the success of 2017’s free parks project. An “unthinkable” tragedy: Two people die in tree well accidents at Oregon’s Mt. Bachelor ski area. Officials called the powder ‘fluffy’ and ‘easy to ski.’ It brought thousands to the ski resort over the weekend. But those conditions also belied a very real danger: tree wells If you pack light a dirt bike can get you to good hunting areas. The problem is always packing the meat out. You can load them up, but they become pretty difficult to control with a lot of extra weight on them. I have some friends that have gone along with four wheelers, and used the bikes to spread out to other areas. I think they would have limited use as a hunting rig though. Besides that, I think riding a dirt bike takes more skill than putting through the outback on four...

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“electric bikes +hunter mountain bike”

Electric bikes are fabulous for off road riding.  I have an electric bike business in Oregon and we have sold several bikes to hunters and even lightweight folders for fisherman.  There are certain bikes that definitely will perform better than others off road.  Look for a higher voltage motor (36-48 volts) and a wide profile tire.   The Gear Carrier ($130) and Frame Bag ($130) are sold separately. The carrier uses a padded base grip and rubber clamps to hold a rifle or bow, and we found it secure with either. On our first outing, the weight of the rifle over rough terrain caused the rack bolts to loosen, a problem we fixed with Loctite, but it’s definitely worth checking from time to time. The rubber clips held the weapons firmly and safely but were a bit slow to operate, making quick shots out of the question. Still, the security of safely transporting a weapon outweighs any of the small pitfalls, and I will never go back to carrying my rifle on my back.  QuietKat® chose Zoom to make the disc brakes for their FatKat. Disc brakes were used for many reasons. The greatest reason is that disc brakes are unaffected by weather. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, snowing, or hailing, they’ll function exactly the same as if it’s 95º and sunny. This is incredibly important if you’re riding a bike through the...

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“off road electric bike +fat hunter”

FAT bikes rule. Ask anyone who’s had a chance to ride one and you’ll see their eyes widen with glee. For the past five years, the FAT bike market has exploded in the United States and elsewhere. Enthusiasts have been blown away by FAT bikes’ ability to conquer terrain previously thought impassable by bike. Snow, rocky riverbeds, extreme off-camber sections, the steepest hills imaginable. A 4.7 in wide tire makes all of these scenarios rideable. FAT bikes were initially used on trails under many feet of snow. People were naturally curious, “I wonder how this bike would ride here, and here, and here?” Since their inception, FAT bikes have become the bike of choice for an immense cult of riders. Some people have gone as far as selling every other bike they own and opting to ride their FAT bike exclusively. Debuting stateside at this year's Interbike Expo, Jango's Flik folding bike adds a travel-friendly model to Topeak's line of clever multi-activity cycles. After months of enjoyment riding Jango's full suspension bike, we're excited… Then it stopped abruptly to peer intently at something the woods, head bobbing up and down as it strained to make sense of the object of curiosity — and I saw that my bike was actually much closer than I had realized, less than 10 yards from the matriarch. The animal finally seemed satisfied...

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